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Israeli Blues Rocker’s “X-Mas Blues” and “New Year’s Blues” Trigger Avalanche of New Fans on Social Media

Lazer LLoyd is my favorite blues performer of 2015 and Mark Pucci just sent out a long press release with some fascinating news about him. Here it is in its entirety:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

January 5, 2016


Lazer Lloyd on Facebook:

CHICAGO, IL – Lazer Lloyd, known as “Israel’s King of Blues Rock,” may have released the holiday songs of the season and grown legions of new fans in the process.  His “X-Mas Blues” (link below) posted on his Facebook page, quickly drew over 400,000 views and hundreds of commentts. He followed that with “New Year’s Blues” (link below), attracting over one million views, 14,000 Likes, 10,000 Shares and 1,400 emotional and enthusiastic comments from music fans discovering him for the first time. The phenomenon has continued with “Living Is to Struggle,” a non-holiday tune which has now been viewed 800,000 times with 5,700 shares. Lloyd draws large crowds in Israel and has a growing, passionate following in the U.S., where his “Burning Thunder” is the #2 song of 2015 on the Blues Rock chart and “Broken Dreams” is #6.

People of all kinds are discovering this genre-defying artist whose music is inspiring them to make comments such as:

?Mike Scott (Iowa) “Would LOVE to find where I can purchase this song. I sat here in my office for 90 minutes, listening to it – over and over. Very cool sounds. First of its kind I’ve ever heard.”

?Scott M. Bernard (Louisiana) “You got a sound that’s out this world man! Made me think, just because we say to ourselves ‘Guess I didn’t need ’em around when they hurt me’…doesn’t make it any easier to let them go. Keep on jammin brother!”

Sidney Panek (Michigan) “Don’t know how you popped up on my feed, but you’re sticking around. Jimmy and SRV and anyone else I can think of comes back from the dead

Andy Alpern (Israel) “This was the only thing that stopped my baby crying after an hour straight this morning! Thanks Lazer.”

?Jonjuan Santiago  (Florida) “Wow, amazing just what I need it at this moment going through a lot at the moment and something told me to click on this video and your energy with the electric guitar gave me goosebumps, love this video thank you…Much respect.”

?Robert Stevens (Minnesota) “You have a true gift, this is the first I’ve seen you. Must See More. I’ve always wanted to play guitar, and you give me inspiration to try.


Lazer’s visibility has also been spreading through traditional media as shown by the raft of rave reviews printed throughout music publications in the summer of 2015. His current feature as one-to-watch in the glossy Vintage Guitar Magazine’s 2016 holiday edition describes Lloyd “showing off his chops on tough blues-rockers, soul ballads, and funky Hendrix-inspired rock.” More

“Exuberant vocals and razor sharp guitar work” – Downbeat

“Reminds of Santana’s Best” – Elmore

“An almost spiritual force” – Gonzo Online (Canada)

Whether smoking hot or meditative, Lloyd’s unique style is forged through the white-hot furnace of his three insatiable loves: songwriting, guitauitar, and communicating with the audience.  At the core he notes is, “Blues, roots rock, folk, it’s real; it’s about everyone’s life story and it heals.”

“Xmas Blues” by Lazer Lloyd



“New Year’s Blues” (original title is “Dikla”) by Lazer Lloyd



“Living Is To Struggle” by Lazer Lloyd



Lazer Lloyd on the phenomenon of his songs spreading around the world

Israeli Blues Rocker’s “X-Mas Blues” and “New Year’s Blues” Trigger Avalanche of New Fans on Social Media
Mark Pucci





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