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Eddie 9V – Way Down the Alley

by Rhetta Akamatsu

Many of us have been craving live music these days when we can’t safely gather, so it is lovely to hear Way Down the Alley. Close your eyes and imagine you are at Atlanta’s famous Blind Willie’s Blues Club, where it was recorded, listening to Eddie 9V (pronounced 9 Volt) lay down a blistering set of authentic blues with his excellent band. Even the “technical difficulties” early in the set are fun!

Eddie is only on his 20’s, the same age Robert Johnson and other icons were when they started, but like them, he has already been playing and performing under other names for years, and most of the audience have been fans of this man and his band members for a long time. And this recording surely shows why.

Whether it’s his own original music, like “Left My Soul in Memphis” and “Lo-Fi Love,” or classics like “Look Over Yonder Wall” and “Catfish Blues,” Eddie 9V deliver them perfectly. His deep love for this music shines through.

As for the band. Eddie himself is a strong guitarist, capable of delivering those fierce solos so necessary in live blues. The rest of the band (Lane Kelly on bass, Colin Dean on drums, Chad Mason on keyboards, and Jackson Allen on harmonica are tight and exciting. Chad Mason really shines on this album and Jackson Allen was a wonderful treat.his harmonica loving heart.

Eddie 9V always delivers, and this time he does it again. You will feel like you are there, having a great time and falling in love with the sound of this band!