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Eliza Neals – “Black Crow Moan”

Eliza Neals has a new album, Black Crow Moan and if you want to blast away your blues, this is what you need. She has a host of guitarists backing her up , including Joe Louis Walker and Derek St. Holmes who played with Ted Nugent. She also has some great back up singers including her sister, Valerie Taylor.In fact, every musician on here is terrific, And so is Eliza and her new material !She is as wild and soulful as ever.Think Janis Joplin and Koko Taylor with a lot of of pure Detroit soul and you will have an idea what to expect.

You know you’re in for some raging blues when you hear the opening chords of “Don’t Judge the Blues” and Eliza’s vocals and the chugging percussion fulfill that promise. The tempo continues for the next song, “Why You Oogin’ Me,”which is a different sort of look at a peeping Tom!

Moving on, here is a real treat. Joe Louis Walker and Neals are extremely well-matched vocally, and here they offer a powerful message accented by Bruce Bears’ Hammond B3 .Church is never like this!

Now things slow down for a heartfelt power ballad, “watch Me Fly.”n This is an exceptionally well-written song too, showcasing Neals’ power in that respect. It is followed by “River is Rising,” which has a strong Bon Jovi vibe and some great vocal harmonies.

“Run Sugar Run” is a poppy son , again featuring great harmony and a message of courage and hope. “Black Crow Moan,” a great title, once again finds Eliza in a duet with Joe Louis Walker, to haunting effect.

“Never Stray” is an aching blues with powerful guitar bolstering Eliza’s raspy delivery. Next is a fabulous version of the classic “Ball and Chain” Yes, you’ve heard it many times, but this will make you feel like you are hearing it for the first time.

To finish it off, you’ll have a party with the rock and roll extravaganza, “Take Your Pants Off.”

This CD will make you forget all about being stuck inside! Give it a listen and see if Eliza Neals does not give your whole day a lift!