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Ted Drozdowski and The Scissormen – ‘Love and Life’

There is no one else like Ted Drozdowski. He is part bluesman, part psychedelic rocker and he manages to fuse the two into something magical. With the support of The Scissormen, he takes listeners on a real musical trip, from the rock of “Beggin’ Jesus” and the menacing “Letter From Hell”to the haunting, poetic ghost story¬† “The River” to the almost pure blues of “Unwanted Man.”


He’s a born storyteller, sharing tales of Watermelon Slmi,. here renamed Watermelon Kid, the late R.L:. Burnside, and his grandparents who died of Black Lung Disease from working in the Pennsylvania coal mines. Sometimes he sounds somewhat like Dylan or even. on “Dreaming On the Road, like Donovan.But he always sounds unique, and with all his vinage guitars, amps, pedals and a diddley bow or two, he and The Scissormen create something wonderful.¬† Just listen to the amazing drone on “Can’t Be Satisfied” to hear what I am talking about!

If you haven’t experienced Ted Drozdowski and The Scissormen, it;s time you did. You may have to listen twice to really orient to what you’re hearing but you’ll find out. It getsin your bones!